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Aragu for Sheriff - Community First!
A photo of Jose Aragu in uniform

For a safer Miami-Dade County!

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I am honored to serve as the Major of Miami-Dade Police Department's Midwest District Station to address the important public safety needs of our residents and visitors from a community-first perspective. My 21-year law enforcement career has formed my philosophy behind Traditional Community Policing and Law & Order.


In all my years serving the community, I have taken steps to strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the community of Miami-Dade County through Proactive and Traditional Community Policing resulting in significant crime reduction always driven by results.


Thank you for visiting my website to learn more about me and my approach to Public Safety and Law & Order.

A photo of Jose Aragu and his family

Oath to Community

School & Public Safety

A Sheriff focused on school safety! Placing school safety at the forefront of our mission to always ensure our children are safe while away from their parents or guardians. Every school’s first priority is keeping students and staff safe. But in a world where safety threats are becoming more frequent, we need to be ready! The Sheriff's Office will work in partnership with the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Board and local police departments to ensure schools are staffed with police officers during school hours. NO schools will be left behind! The Sheriff's Office School Safety Plan will include police officers in charter and private schools with optional participation. In addition, the Sheriff's Office will also conduct threat assessments of preschools, large scale shopping malls, and places of worship upon request to promote the safety of all! Families need peace and tranquility knowing they will be safe in our community!

Prevention & Intervention

Law and order! The creation of a Crime Commission Board in the Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the community and county leaders unique to each policing district area to include local municipalities with optional participation. The Commission will work in partnership with local colleges and universities and will be comprised of a criminologist, sociologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, and a social worker. Their mission will be to work on an aggressive proactive strategic crime prevention plan for law enforcement deployment efforts focused on prevention and intervention of crimes to include the homeless in mental crisis. Most importantly, the Commission will focus on sociological studies within specific violent crime areas to eliminate the causes that generate crime and gun violence. Enforcement strategies for prevention will be focused on crime data, analysis, and statistics. The efforts will be aligned with Miami-Dade County’s Peace & Prosperity and Thrive305 plans of action to maintain law and order in our community.

Officer Wellness, Support, and Opportunity

The Sheriff’s Office will invest in the well-being, inclusion, training, development, and success of the staff in all aspects. In all business models, if the staff is content and the organizational morale is high, a superior level of service is delivered to achieve our goal of always placing the COMMUNITY FIRST with efficiency! This will continue to promote our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness within the agency and community. This is achieved with transformational leadership, empowerment, and teamwork! Police Officer wellness is not a program; it’s a decision that begins with the way we treat our officers and begins with effective leadership.


​Safety on our roads! Designation of a team of traffic experts within the Sheriff's Office to work with Miami-Dade County's Traffic Engineers and Public Works to ensure efficient and effective ways to manage urban traffic, improving motorists driving experience while reducing traffic's negative impacts on the environment and quality of life to include more enforcement and educational campaigns to reduce traffic crashes within the county. Work in unison with county and local governments to advance technology focusing on proactive crime prevention tools such as License Plate Readers being installed on all major intersections in the county (License Plate Readers are used for criminal intelligence and are NOT red-light cameras) and managing traffic flow efficiently ensuring our roads are safe throughout Miami-Dade County.  

Transparency & Progress

Semiannual informational briefs from the Sheriff to the community and media to promote transparency and accountability on the state of the Sheriff’s Office regarding the community, crime, budget, and new initiatives.

Changing the STATUS QUO

  • Proactive versus reactive policing strategies with community inclusion for a better quality of life.

  • Invest in better Community partnerships and engagement to include our local businesses.

  • Increase Uniform Patrol Services within the Community.

  • Reduce waiting times for Emergency and Non-Emergency Calls.

  • Balanced budget.

  • Liaison to build bridges across communities and educate on hate crimes, human trafficking, child abuse, elderly abuse, and animal rights.

  • Creation of a robust victim & witness protection program and expansion of the victim advocacy program to build trust and better cooperation with the Sheriff’s Office.

  • Creation of a Homeowners Association (HOA) and insurance fraud task force to target fraud. False residential and motor vehicle claims result in higher insurance premiums for all Miami-Dade residents.

Help #AraguforSheriff put the Community FIRST and let’s build trust TOGETHER!

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